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Tue Mar 12 2024

I recently switched to a Mac, after almost 10 years of using Windows devices as my primary work machines. I'd used Macs before, in other jobs, and and my personal laptop is a Mac, so I'm no stranger to them, and in all honesty, it's felt like coming home after a decade in the wilderness.

That said, I have had to do some tinkering to get my new machine set up how I like it, so I thought I'd detail that tinkering here. In no particular order.

The TinkerList #

A screenshot of my macOS dock, showing shortcuts for Finder, System Settings, Safari, Arc, Chrome, Firefox, Figma and Slack A screen recording showing the window resize functionality of the Raycast launcher app A gif animation showing items in a macOS menu bar showing and hiding based on a mouse click

I think that's all the tinkering I've done so far. I'm sure there will be more.

A quick shout-out to Kitty Giraudel for the Eleventy Footnotes plugin I've used on this post, and will no doubt use in many others. It's pretty much out of the box, I just added a pseudo element using this character: ⇣ to differentiate footnote links, and added:

scroll-behavior: smooth;
scroll-padding-top: 120px;

to my css, just to make jumping back and forth feel a little nicer.


  1. A 2023 14 M2 MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM

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