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Things I hate about Adobe XD

Tue Apr 14 2020

Oh Adobe XD, sometimes you are quite good, but other times, you drive me up the fecking wall.

The List #

  1. The stupid tiny hit state to select an artboard
  2. The guides implementation (constantly having to zoom in and out to grab a new guide)
  3. No native bookmarking (and the one available plug in is a bit clunky)
  4. Aligning shapes and lines is harder than it should be
  5. There is no way to change ownership of cloud docs (crap for design systems)
  6. The way the sharable preview/prototype doesn't display at the same size as the artboard. It's scaled down a bit.
  7. The way you have to click on the tiny arrow next to a value to open a dropdown
  8. The way you can only drag to resize a shape from it's central point, necessitating unnecessary zooming and scrolling
  9. Overly aggressive inheritance of contents in hover state within components e.g. set a background colour hover state on one menu item and all menu items now get the first menu item's text on hover.
  10. The way the scroll bar can overlap the clickable icons in the layers panel, making them unclickable
  11. The way you need to zoom out and click on the artboard title every time you want to toggle a layout grid on or off.

To be continued...

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