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Three Figma features I'd love to see

Wed Aug 24 2022

Three things that would make my life much easier when designing in Figma:

Jump to files from Quick Actions menu #

I would love it if I could, from within any Figma file, pop open the Quick Actions menu, type a file name, and jump right into that file.

Having to navigate back to the home screen, and browse/search from there always feels clunky and slow to me.

An animated gif showing the Quick Actions menu in Figma

Maximise/minimise left sidebar #

I often want to widen the left sidebar, to see deeply nested design elements, but it's really fiddly to get the mouse hovered over the area that let you do this. So it's easy to acccidentally drag a guide from the ruler rather than drag the edge of the sidebar. Which is annoying.

A wider "grabbable" area, and/or a keyboard shortcut to maximise/minimise this sidebar would remove this frustration.

An animated gif showing an attempt to widen the left sidebar in Figma

Native table layout #

I spend more time fiddling around with hacky ways to build things-that-look-like-tables in Figma than pretty much anything else. But however you do it there are always compromises:

Some (any!) sort of native table-aware layout functionality in Figma would make my life so much easier, and speed up my design process by a factor of a lot.

An animated gif showing a table being built from components in Figma

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